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Portland Center Stage Board Member Thank-a-Thon

Posted by Jessy Friedt | 30 October 2012

On two evenings in October, Portland Center Stage board members volunteered their time to make phone calls to some very special patrons of our theater. All together, PCS board members were able to reach out to approximately 800 PCS donors to say "thank you."

Board Member Stan Penkin gives us some insight into his experience during his night of calling:

There’s nothing quite like the skeptical body language you sense over the phone when the person you are calling to offer a "thank you" hears your unknown voice, especially during election season when solicitation calls are endemic. This is largely what I encountered when actually reaching a human voice, rather than an answering machine, during PCS’ recent Board Thank-a-thon to donors.

It only took a couple of calls before I realized that my line after quickly identifying myself and PCS was to be, “Don’t worry, I’m not asking for a donation, but I WANT TO THANK YOU…” The sense of relief on the other end of the phone was palpable and, before I knew it, thank yous and words of praise for PCS and its productions came flowing forth.

After 66 calls I was floating on adrenaline from all the positive reactions and friendly conversations. It made me an even prouder board member, knowing that so many people value and appreciate the hard work that makes us such a dedicated, high-quality and creative institution. Hearing from our development department the next day that two of my calls resulted in two $500 donations has kept me smiling ever since. I hope that we make this an annual event, allowing many other board members the chance to enjoy such a satisfying experience.

If you would like to join the family of of Portland Center Stage donors, it is easy to do!  You can make a donation online or call Donor Relations Manager Jessy Friedt at 503.445.3744. You can also mail in a check to 128 NW Eleventh Ave, Portland, OR 97209.

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